Buy or Sell Your Home Right

It’s important when looking to buy or sell your home to understand the market you’re in and the expectations that you have for your transaction. Remember that price and location many times go hand in hand. Not all area’s of the city are going to be moving similar priced homes in the same fashion. That said, be aware of what your neighborhood values are, when looking for a new home or looking to sell. 

The old saying “you never want to be the highest priced home on the block”, is a saying because it couldn’t be more true. In the end sometimes it’s just the home for you or the market has too low of a supply to be picky. However, when possible try to find a home with upside or give your home that upside when listing it. Things that add value quickly.

  • Fence
  • Trees
  • Privacy
  • Convenience
  • Cleanliness – MOST IMPORTANT
  • De-Clutter – if you’re not using it on a monthly bases it should be in a box and stacked neatly away.
  • Little Maintenance Items – ie caulk, paint scratches, chips in trim, broken handles or closets off of their tracks. These little items all create an impression, this impression is key when selling or buying. Many times if you didn’t have time to fix the little things, the buyer thinks you didn’t fix the big ones either!
  • Landscaping, could be as simple as pulling weeds and adding mulch.